Halden Zimmermann: Corporate Strategy

Corporate Strategy

I. Comparison of Resources:

IT has arguably challenged the Simon School to view its world differently in a market that

now has expanded to include online schools, such as UNext’s Cardean University, in meeting

the growing expectations of its students and sponsoring organizations Cardean University

has an array of unique resources to meet the demands of tech-savvy students and sponsoring

organizations. Simon has confronted the e-learning challenge by introducing IT into.

Cardean and Simon’s unique resources include strategic assets compared in Table

1. In addition one of the most unique features of the Cardean MBA program is the amount of

accessibility and flexibility to the work / life schedules of their students.

II. Competitive Strategy for UNext to enter the Executive Program

Strategy Venn Diagram
Strategy Venn Diagram

Develop Competitive Advantage Through:

• Collaboration: Use existing alliance framework from UNext to capture the EMBA market

and continue to focus Top 5 ranked business school curricula. Add specific corporate

requirements to curriculum through joint ventures with companies like Thomson

Corporation, GM, Delta and Shell.

• Lowering Costs: Tuition is not the main cost concern here, opportunity cost is, focus on

reducing this within the corporate view.

• Differentiation: Improve reputation and marketability of a UNext diploma by:

i. Accredited programs and international learning opportunities.

ii. Highly reputable leaders in industry indorsing, participating and taking the program.

iii. Marketing correlation between UNext MBA and top salary opportunities.

iv. Virtual simulation learning – more learning by doing- offering major projects which

required simulated decision making using MBA tools.

III. Competitive Strategy for Simon to enter the Internet Based Executive Program

Simon’s Executive MBA online strategy should focus on existing competencies.

• Reputation: Use Simon reputation, research capabilities and long term existing corporate

relationships to develop specifications for program parameters which are attractive to

students and corporations alike.

• Lower Costs – Offer lower tuition costs for corporations associated with the EMBA


Offer larger discounts to long-time corporate sponsors.

• Differentiation – Offer hybrid opportunities for combination of online non-core “101”

classes and core classes which require student interaction.

Competitive Scope

EMBA programs can be tailored to entrepreneurial and corporate needs, UNext and Simon

can offer diverse program opportunities for both broad and narrow target ranges.

• Broad Target: People who are abroad, managers in locations that cannot access educational opportunities.

• Narrow Target: Managers that are close to top universities but do not have the time to interact. Individuals which are not corporate sponsored, and are looking to grow their career.

IV. Who will have the competitive advantage for next 10 years.

The advantage of online services strictly comes in the bottom line. The entity which can execute a complementary online service and generate extra cash flows will be able to further invest this money in more talented professors, more research and endowments. Top revenue producers will snowball large profits into focused investments which will improve the entire institution.


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