Halden Zimmermann: The New Age and Industry of Entertainment, Pt 1

Halden Zimmermann

What is the new age and industry of entertainment?

What is multimedia? How does it work, and what is it?

The New Age of Multimedia – Halden Zimmermann

This new technology that has been recently available to the public is the most flexible and innovative technology to have entered the industry to date. The multimedia program can be enhanced to educate and therefore upgrade the learning process, business people can use it to upgrade sales and train people. Why is this Multi-Media system so good? First of it is very easy to use, any third grader can use it just like turning on a T.V. Also the multimedia system is very powerful. Its visual and audio effects look and sound so real that you feel part of the program, making it more interesting.

Now lets get into specifics.

Video games are the most obvious use for the personal computer multimedia system. Usually configured with a CD-ROM drive (SEE GRAPH). The multimedia program is very powerful because of the amount of information the CD can hold. One CD can hold five hundred megabytes of memory. This allows the programs to be more elaborate and more realistic. In addition to the large amount of memory available, the resolution of the super VGA (Visual Graphic, Adaptor) monitor allow the viewer to see pictures 40 times the resolution of a T.V. The new auto cards (such as the Adlib and Sound Blaster) that can be configured into the programs and installed into the motherboard of the computer and will make it possible for the listener to hear over 4 mmmm being played at the same time.

Audio Card

But the capacity of the sound card can vary from playing 400 to 500 different instruments and over 2000 different variations of them. Of course this is the computerized multimedia stage of technology. The video game industry is increasingly making more and more money. Currently they are pulling in averages of about $6 billion in video games and an additional $7.5 billion in arcade games.

Electronic giants such as SEGA and Nintendo (NES) are spending billions of dollars to serve the new market. The recent entrance into the market by Atari with the Jaguar system shows the profitability of the industry. Also many small entrepreneurs are programming games, and internet programs for the super highway. The personal computers are being used more and more every day, therefore the amount of people using on-line services are increasing too (SEE GRAPH). The on line service or bulletin boards or even the internet program are all variations of the multimedia idea and program. On these internet programs people can access libraries and huge information areas. People can communicate with each other and even play a game of monopoly with a group of people a thousand miles away.

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