Halden Zimmermann: The New Age and Industry of Entertainment, Pt. 2

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TV and Multi Media – Halden Zimmermann

Also one can initiate the Multi Media into telecommunications and T.V. The seeds have been planted in the computer industry but this is only the tip of the iceberg. The giant telephone companies have been pouring millions of dollars into the idea of multi-media and are making multi-billion dollar deals with cable companies in order to try to make it accessible to your T.V. at home. The new technology advances of fiber optics have made it cheaper to process information over long distances. What was thought to have cost hundreds of millions of dollars at first to prowess information can now be done for a tenth of the cost and will now reach higher potential and workability sooner. The new prediction of the future is that now by the year 1998 to the year 2000 forty percent of American homes will be wired to take full advantage of the multi-media luxury. Though the industries wanting to take advantage of the multi media program are investing greatly, some are still uncertain of the program. Bell Atlantic Corp of Philadelphia tried to acquire the biggest cable company Telecommunications INC. The deal fell through and because of the uncertainty of what would happen in the future.

Multimedia is easy enough for Grandma to use

The multi media idea will open the market to many new people. The allocation of virtually everyone from elderly to young women who usually don’t play die hard video games will be interested in Multi Media. This is because much of the idea and effort form corporations is to make multi media affordable and most importantly easy to use. Pretty soon it will be easier to use Multi-Media than it would be to program your VCR.

There is much uncertainty in Hollywood there is no guarantee the industry will do well. So far people are optimistic on the real profits CD-ROM have made when one considers all of the research money that went into it But on the good side people already spend much of their time watching T.V. and going to the movies. The industry is already developed to the point where whatever one does it will not have too much of an impact on business. Just how the innovation of cable T.V. and movie rentals have generated new products and sales, so it would be logical to think that the institution of Multi-Media into our homes would be profitable. The ability to call up any video or show on demand is a luxury that not much people will pass up. Like the computer industry where the programs provide the entertainment, the studios and cable companies would provide the digital entertainment through your multi media system. The distribution networks would then institute an eflioient way to send the product and make it very profitable and valuable to own. Presently, the battle for Paramount Communications lnc. was all about this. Everyone wanted a distribution and production center but the bidding got too high and so did the opportunity cost.

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