Halden Zimmermann | The New Age and Industry of Entertainment, Part 3

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Apple computers are taking advantages of the demand in the entertainment industry. The computer giant started a $1 billion entertainment software company in order to maximize all of the options available in the “Hollywood Strip”. Time Warner Inc. and AT&T are both researching and working on ways to open the industry profitably to them.


The industry that is drooling the most over Multi-Media is the Home Shopping Networks. The present infommertials and shopping networks are pulling in about $3 billion a year, imagine what the interactive T.V. programs will do to enhance the shopping of consumers. Shoppers will be able to tap into malls through computers, see the Item that they want to buy and pick it out all the while it is getting billed on your credit card or checking account. No more shop litters and no more cash register robberies. Time Warner will be able to set up a full service interactive that will give consumers a menu of over 20,000 products to pick from a super market and 7,500 from a drug store just by using the remote control. Consumers will be able to read the labels on the boxes and even read the ingredients on the back.

Virtual Reality applies to many sectors – Halden Zimmermann

Finally the innovation of virtual reality is part of the Multi-Media name tag. Once only available to the military, virtual reality is a great tool in the training of troops and pilots. The realistic graphics and the advanced programs made it possible to let one think that they are really part of the program. Now video games are being offered in the same sense war games virtual reality was. The game playing junkie will soon be able to engulf themself in a world that is so realistic it will be hard to tell the difference between reality and the game. The virtual reality systems now available are still very expensive and out of reach from the individual, but as for arcades and huge gaming centers, virtual reality is now becoming a reality.

The Multi media industry has far to go. The performance of this relatively new science has been excellent and shows more potential than ever. The entertainment of the future will be more realistic and of course bring in lots of money.

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