Manufacturing Excellence Basics – Halden Zimmermann

  1. Manufacturing Excellence Basics: Why it Works

    Manufacturing Excellence Basics methodology (most often referred to as CI Roadmaps) helps us quantify problems and assign credit to improvements that are not easily quantifiable. CI Roadmaps can help us recognize what improvement looks like throughout the organization, and they show us how to improve in phases so that improvement is sustainable. Because CI Roadmaps outline the common language of CI, they help direct our work on agreed-upon business goals and structure our efforts to carry out business plans. They help us determine where to start and how to chart progress.

    Just as a mechanic can use a systematic method to improve a car’s performance or make a repair, CI Roadmaps give us a systematic method for improving our work systems. And once we, like good mechanics, are trained in diagnostic methods, we have an efficient system with step-by-step, user-friendly instructions at our disposal to help us serve our customers and do our jobs better every day.

    In addition, CI Roadmaps:

    • Areas ystem that gives teams a way to measure performance on key elements
    • Help us measure ourselves against world-class performance
    • Illustrate levels of performance and identify a road for improvement
    • Start with a self-evaluation to base line our current performance
    • Lead to action plans for improvement following the guidelines prescribed in the roadmap elements
    • Help track our performance to the action plans
    • Use KPIs to track our performance along the way
    • Ensure sustainability with annual audits

Manufacturing Excellence Basics: Methodology

The CI Roadmaps were developed as a result of benchmarking several other companies within and outside our industry. Our CI Roadmaps include five areas of emphasis or Axes aligned with the business group’s values. The 5 Roadmap Axes are:

  • Employee Mobilization
  • Customer Relations
  • Supply Chain
  • Manufacturing Systems/Processes
  • Products & Processes Innovation
  • Elements are specific, measurable goals for the work group.
  • Roads are general objectives that support excellence for the group.
  • An Axis is a grouping of several roads that support the group’s values. Each Axis is divided into Roads.
halden zimmermann roadmap framework
Roadmap Framework | Halden Zimmermann

CI Roadmaps illustrate five levels of effectiveness for each Foundational Roadmap Element. Each level describes the characteristics that should be present in order to qualify for each level of effectiveness.

Roadmaps use a 1-5 graded ratings system. Incremental improvement is on an all-or-nothing basis. All requirements for the level must be met in order to obtain that level. When a level 5 is obtained, a business unit is considered “Best in Class”.


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