Halden Zimmermann – Maturity of Elements

The maturity of elements is described as follows:

Level 1: Basics

Basic principles not yet formalized. Progress stages not defined. No performance indicator.

Level 2: Launch

Basics principles defined and known locally. Pilot workshops launched.

Level 3: Development

Pilots workshops have produced results. An extension plan defined and implemented.

Level 4: Maturity

Command of principles and tools displayed. Entire organization involved in CI process. Best Practices shared. Standards stemming from Best Practices described, validated and audited.

Level 5: Excellence

Unit recognized as a reference. Standards applied, audited and continuously improved.

Manufacturing Excellence Basics: Tools for reviewing processes and monitoring improvement

CI Roadmaps methodology provides processes to review progress and measures to monitor process improvement. These tools allow us to focus our efforts, and they are at the heart of our MEB efforts. They can help us manage and improve our process, but we must apply them to ensure our success. CI Roadmap tools can also be used to determine the Economic Value Added (EVA) at stake for businesses and link specific KPIs to high-priority initiatives in order to better monitor execution.

Gap Analysis

Each sector must complete an annual Gap Analysis to reveal other CI Roadmap Foundational Elements that may be needed to improve the business.

Foundational Elements

CI Roadmaps are comprised of basic Foundational Elements that illustrate how a business should be run. They can be represented visually as blocks in a Building Block House. They also can be compiled into a CI Roadmaps Index that lists goals and areas of responsibility (see graphics to follow).

Foundational Elements help managers decide what to do next to improve a business once the values most at stake have been determined. While some CI roadmaps relate to manufacturing priorities, others are cross functional in nature and require support group involvement.

CI Roadmaps Index

Foundational Elements and the functions implementing them can be displayed on a CI Roadmaps Index chart. This Roadmaps Index uses color to correspond with sections of the Building Block House and outlines a road for improvement.


One thought on “Halden Zimmermann – Maturity of Elements

  1. In this framework they are referencing continuous improvement road maps… Elements are the stages of effectiveness that a particular organization is at. In CI roadmap articulates what good looks like and then an annual review of those criteria gets a grate.. that is the grading system that is posted above

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