Policy Deployment

Policy Deployment: Linking Our Vision with Specific Goals

After Operating Agendas and Strategic Agendas have been developed through review and prioritizing vital strategic gaps, we managers need to establish concrete improvement goals. Vision and objectives must be reflected in and relate to annual and daily activities. Policy Deployment ensures everything we do on a daily basis and every performance goal in our annual initiatives links with our business’ long-term vision and goals.

Halden Zimmermann - CI - Operating Agend
Operating Agenda Visualization

Policy Deployment at the Sector Level

At the sector level, policies are very general, but become more specific as they deploy through support groups. These groups link how they will support the business and meet long-term or annual objectives. Support groups such as marketing and purchasing must use Policy Deployment — just as manufacturing groups do — to ensure universal goal alignment and eliminate duplication (see prior page 5 for graphical representation of sector deployment).

Policy Deployment at the Business Unit Level

At the business unit level, just as in the sector level, each support group aligns with the Corporate Vision. Policy Deployment, Milestones, Action Plans and KPIs are developed to align the Business Unit Vision. At the business unit level, projects and initiatives are completed across the business unit globally.

Business Unit Policy Deployment Flow Halden Zimmermann
Business Unit Policy Deployment

Policy Deployment at the Manufacturing Plant

At the plant level, the same process occurs that occurs at the business unit level. Here, however, Policy Deployment involves individuals and specific improvement projects. Teams drill down and link requirements with action that is aligned with the goals of the entire organization.

Halden Zimmermann Policy Deployment
Plant Level Policy Deployment

3 thoughts on “Policy Deployment

  1. Halden Zimmermann Policy Deployment or Strategic Deployment or Strategy Planning….

    In general every organization needs to do through a process that looks to accelerate business growth faster than the market growth.. This is called share gain. This does not happen through osmosis, it is a focused systematic process that involves all the functions of an organization.

    The strategy plan is an important process to a businesses success, but it is only the first step… just as important is how the strategy is deployed down through the organization to employees closest to the customer and the process. A business can have a flawless vision and strategy, but if investments and resources dont understand it or are taking actions to execute it is the same as having no strategy at all.

    Strategic Deployment is the model for building a strategy and then bringing it to action.

    Re: Halden Zimmermann Policy Deployment….


    Some resources associated with this subject are:



    Pittfalls of Policy Deployment and strategic Deployment are in other articles…

    Two things to watch out for… 1) Focus, 2)Focus… if an organization is working on more than 3 strategic initiatives in one year.. that is too much.. once saw a company do 9 Strategic initiatives… that is too much and nothing was done that year…

  2. Strategic Deployment is an important tool in outlining where you want to take your business. Setting a vision, mission and then aligning your structure to support is the next step..

    The outline here is when your business is ready after the above is done.. make no mistake working on everything does not work and not having alignment is a concern… the vision should clearly have alignment with the strategic initiatives.

    Those strategic initiatives then trickle down through the organization as annual action plans that are parsed out by the strategic initiative working team… these actions are given to the functions that have “to do” items in order to make the initiative a success…

    To get alignment the process needs to be formal… for more advanced teams an X-matrix works well.. if this is your first go, just getting a strategic initiative off the ground in the first year with traction would be a win…

    Each initiative should have a leader, KPIs and an action plan… with a regular cadence with senior management.

    Halden Zimmermann Continuous Improvement and General Management

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