Continuous Improvement for Food Packaging

Continuous Improvement Policy for Food Packaging Americas

Within Food Packaging Americas, our Governing Objective is to Maximize Value by doubling our warranted value every five years.

We will do this by:

1. Continually improving our processes

2. Managing our capital assets
3. Realizing profitable selective growth

Our CI Process consists of three main components:

• ManufacturingExcellenceBasics
• Lean Six Sigma
• Best Practice Networks

CI will enable us to reach our Governing Objective. By focusing our efforts and resources with this process, we will also meet and exceed Customer Expectations.

Objectives and Goals for Continuous Improvement

Manufacturing Excellence Basics Goals:

  • Foundational Elements: level 4 rating within three years of implementation
  • Key Elements for Manufacturing: level 4 rating within three years of implementation
  • Key Elements for Functional Areas: level 5 rating at the end of the team’s existence

Lean Six Sigma Goals:

  • Reduction of controllable costs of 5% per year
  • Profitable growth of 10% per year (Including Acquisitions)
  • Black Belts create value by implementing projects focused on increasing customer satisfaction and revenue and reducing cost in projects and general Manufacturing savings

Best Practice Networks Goals:

  • CreationofBestPracticeNetworksforeachofthe8ManufacturingProcesses by 2008

    These are:

    • Solventless Adhesive Lamination
    • Extrusion Lamination
    • Inventory Management
    • Waste Management
    • Laceration Prevention
    • Waste Recycling
    • Press (Roto Print)
    • Press (Flexo Print)
  • Other Cross-functional BP Networks reviewed and identified annually
  • 100% implementation of adopted Best Practices
pie chart transactional processes
Transactional Processes

Why Are Transactional Processes Important?

  • Often “customer-facing”
  • May be the determining factor in whether a customer is satisfied or dissatisfied
  • Represent the major cost or overhead component of many organizations
  • Have traditionally received much less attention than manufacturing processes and are therefore in much more need of improvement
  • Represent many of the primary or most critical functions of both manufacturing and non-manufacturing companies
 halden zimmermann's list of typical business projects
A list of typical business projects.

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