SIPOC (Suppliers, Inputs, Process, Outputs, Customers)

Purpose: The SIPOC Diagram is a high-level process map. This first step in addressing customer-related issues takes a process view of how our company goes about satisfying a particular customer requirement.

SIPOC stands for:
Suppliers – individuals or groups who provide whatever is worked on in the process
Inputs – information or material provided for that step
Process – steps used to do that work
Outputs – product, service or information being sent to the customer

Customers – next step in the process or the final (external) customers

Application: A SIPOC Diagram, a Process Map tool or both can be used during the Define Phase to scope the project.

Halden Zimmermann SIPOC Example
SIPOC Diagram Example


  • Helps us understand the relationship between customers, inputs, outputs and process steps
  • Helps us understand how the process is measured
  • Gives an overall glance at the process to help the team better scope the project

 Process Map

Purpose: Identifies all the steps in the process, lists key outputs, suppliers, customers and inputs at each step. Some maps may classify inputs and outputs as controllable, noise or standard.

Application: A SIPOC Diagram or Process Map should always be done at the first stages of an LSS project.

Halden Zimmermann's example of a process map
Process Map Example – Halden Zimmermann



Provides valuable input to Cause & Effects matrix, Failure Modes Effects Analysis, Control Plan, Process Capability studies, Conducting Design of Experiments and understanding transactional processes.


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