Lean Six Sigma: Fulfilling Roles Needed to Succeed

Gate Review Management

  • Gate Review dates should be established in advance and documented on the Project Action Plan.
  • Gate Review readiness should be monitored by the Master Black Belt/Black Belt Coach or Champion. Prior to the Gate Review date, attendees should be contacted and reminded of the meeting location, date and time.
  • A Gate Review checklist should be used to ensure completion of all Deliverables.
  • Gate Reviews can be formal or informal in tone based on the culture of the organization.
  • The project leader should function as the facilitator for the Gate Review meeting.

CI success requires us to know our responsibilities and to know how business should be conducted within this framework. Each of us contributes to the CI Process. CI should not be something extra that we do. Rather, it should be how we do business on a daily basis.

Role of the Manager

‘ Implementation of Manufacturing Excellence Basics (CI Roadmaps)
‘ Use Diagnostic Process
‘ Employ Roadmap Elements
‘ Create Policy Deployment, Action Plans, KPIs at all levels
‘ Project Execution through Project Sponsors
‘ Measure progress
‘ Determine Sustainability
‘ Adopt Best Practices (BP) and allocate resources for deployment
‘ Report implementation of BP to the team leader
‘ Propose suggestions on BP already implemented in plant and have a
common interest for the other plants

Role of Continuous Improvement Champion

‘ Lead change and drive the CI Process in the business unit
‘ Facilitate Project Selection Workshops
‘ Mentor and Coach GB/BB Belts
‘ Coordinate Gate Reviews
‘ Coordinate CI Audits
‘ Share Best Practices (BP)
‘ Report status to Management
‘ Communicate
‘ Drive the Best Practice Networks process until a BP is adopted
‘ Coach the BP teams
‘ Be accountable to follow up and keep overview of Deliverables
‘ Remove barriers

Role of the Project Sponsor (see additional roles on page 60)

‘ Own the project — be responsible for timing and financials of project
‘ Determine areas of opportunity
‘ Generate a Rough Charter
‘ Complete Gate Reviews E
‘ Allocate resources/ Eliminate roadblocks
‘ Deliver financial results


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