Philip Kotler: Chapters 13 and 14 Summary Pt. 2

In early times, service sector did not pay attention to adopting unique and effective strategies in order to differentiate the services in the mind of the consumers. It was due to the fact that service sector as compared to manufacturing lacked proper competition, varying consumer demands and attempts to use marketing tactics. However, the growing importance and emergence of the service space stimulated action by the marketers to formulate service distinguishing strategies. Therefore, an attempt to develop competitive strategies involves: shifting customer relationship, customer empowerment, customer coproduction and satisfying employees along with customers. Customers derive more value from services and develop a stronger connection with the service provider. Hence, customers need to be satisfied properly to make their experiences memorable which they will further share with their family and friends. Similarly, employees of the company should also be motivated and satisfied so that they deal with the customers positively which in return leads to customer loyalty.halden zimmermann

Excellence in service marketing could be obtained by focusing on three key aspects. Firstly, it is external marketing which deals in preparing and delivering the services to customers. Secondly, internal marketing is about training and motivating employees to deal appropriately with the customers. Lastly, interactive marketing considers the skills that employees should possess while dealing with customers. Proper implementation of these key areas within the company will lead to satisfaction and loyalty among clients. The key to success behind some of the major service providers include: strategic concept, top-management commitment, high standards, profit tiers and systems for monitoring services performance and satisfying customer complaints. Moreover, marketers need to differentiate services as part of their excellent marketing approach. Even product centered businesses need to manage their services through identifying and satisfying customer needs while adopting pre, at and post-sale service strategies. Conclusively, service marketing is an important consideration of the marketer due to the increasing customer value created by providing excellent and distinguishing services that may or may not envelope a produce offering

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