Halden Zimmermann: Philip Kotler Marketing Summary, Chapters 15 and 16 pt 4

Wholesaling directs all those activities which involves selling goods and services to customers who resale it or purchase it for business use. Producers sell their goods or services to wholesalers instead of selling it directly to customers. There are number of functions performed by wholesalers e.g. selling and promoting, buying and assortment building, bulk breaking, warehousing, transportation, financing, risk bearing, market information and management services and counseling.halden zimmermann

Market logistics refers to the proper planning and strategy formulation about the development of infrastructure and distribution of the goods and services from the point of origin to point of use. It involves deciding on company’s value proposition for its customers, selecting the most appropriate network channel to reach the target audience, enforcing efficiency in sales forecasting, warehouse management, transportation management and material management and using the information technology for implementing the solutions. Successful retailers and wholesalers comply with these policies and strategies in the best manner to deliver value to their customers.


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