Halden Zimmermann: Philip Kotler and Marketing Summary, Chapters 17 and 18 pt 2

Developing effective communication is based on eight steps which need to be well organized and integrated. Firstly, it is to identify the target audience to whom the communication is directed. Secondly, it is essential to determine the objective of communication such as category need, brand awareness, brand attitude and brand purchase intention. Thirdly, designing the communication involves dealing with three issues i.e. message strategy, creative strategy and message source. They should be well sorted out. Fourthly, selecting the communication channel involves the choice between personal and non personal channels. Personal communication allows direct face to face communication with target customers such as through phone or e mail. Non personal communication is directed towards larger audience e.g. advertisement, sales promotion etc.halden zimmermann

Marketers should focus on adopting and implementing the best blend of personal as well as non personal communication to achieve the best results. Marketers have to test, manage and measure continuously the effectiveness of the communication mode and the content. This may mean understanding what is driving spikes in demand as it pertains to communication activities. Moreover, businesses also need to decide on the allocation of budget for communication. There are certain methods considered by marketers for allocating budget for communication such as affordable method, percentage to sales method, competitive parity method and objective and task method. They can select a method according to the requirement and need of their business. Afterwards, businesses need to decide on the marketing communication mix in which all the communication tools are held individually as each possess unique features and characteristics. Budget is also allocated individually to different tools. In the next step, marketers measure the results of the marketing communication undertaken. Costs of communication are compared against the revenues generated from effective communication. Future decisions are based on the present results. Last step is about managing the integrated marketing communication process. It is a process that ensures that the message communicated to the customers is consistent, reliable and leads to long term positive impact on customer loyalty.


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