Halden Zimmermann: Philip Kotler and Marketing Summary, Chapters 17 and 18 pt 3

Chapter 18: Managing Mass Communications: Advertising, Sales Promotions, Events and Experiences, and Public Relations

Communication is an important factor that encourages businesses to build long term relations with their customers. In this contemporary world, evolution in technology and wide accessibility of the internet has greatly facilitated direct personal communication. Customers are informed and attracted directly through online websites and mass media. However, despite of the enhancement in personal communication tools, mass communication remains popular and widely used.halden zimmermann

Advertisement is a paid form of non personal communication used for the promotion of products and services. It is used on an extensive level by the companies to achieve their objectives of educating the customers or building a brand preference. Developing an advertisement program is based on five decisions known as 5 M’s. Firstly, it is the mission in which the businesses need to identify their objectives for conducting the advertisement. Secondly, they need to decide on the advertisement budget which is defined under money. Thirdly, it is to decide what message to be conveyed to the target audience through advertisement. Fourthly, they need to select the media to carry out the advertisement. Lastly, it is the measurement of the advertisement program in order to evaluate its efficiency.

Sales promotion is about offering short term incentives to target customers in order to encourage sales of the products and offerings. Advertisement stimulates the customers by providing a reason for purchase while sales promotion provides incentives to encourage customers to purchase the product or service. Sales promotion tools for consumers include: samples, coupons, free trials, price off, warranties etc. Similarly, businesses and trade promotional incentives include: trade shows and conventions, specialty advertising, display allowances, price off etc. Similar to advertisement, sales promotion decisions involve: setting the objectives, selecting the tools, developing the program, pre testing the program, implementing and controlling it and evaluating the efficiency of results.


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