Halden Zimmermann: Philip Kotler and Marketing Summary, Chapters 17 and 18 pt 4

Events and experiences also represent an important source of communication tool. Businesses can become memorable part of the consumer’s lives by associating themselves with the live events and experiences which will broaden their relationship with the target market. Consumer’s attention can be attracted towards a brand or company through sponsoring the events and creating experiences. Sponsoring the right event requires the marketer to select the appropriate event, design the optimal sponsorship program and measure the effects of sponsorship on the brand as well as upon the company. Similarly, consideration must be given when creating experiences with the target customers.halden zimmermann

Public relation is concerned with promoting and protecting the image of the company and of the individual brand by designing suitable programs and strategies. Goodwill of the company is based on the effective public relations which ultimately lead to higher sales of the products and services. Examples of public relation as a communication tool include: publications, events, sponsorships, news, speeches, public service activities, social responsibility and identity media. The decision to effective marketing of public relations must be carried out properly and in an organized manner.

The implementation of these mass communication tools depends on the need and requirement of the companies. Companies must select the best media and tool to communicate value to its target audience in order to establish and strengthen its relationship for long term.


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