Halden Zimmermann: Assessing Brand Effectiveness Pt. 1

Assessing Brand Effectiveness

Executive Summary:

A brand is a mixture of attributes which may be tangible and intangible and is symbolized in a trademark that will create value and influence in the market. The value of the brand has different interpretations. When considered as a marketing or consumer perspective it is “the promise and delivery of an experience. Brands offer customers a means to choose and enable recognition within cluttered markets.halden zimmermann

Branding distinguishes a product or a service in a time where what ever is introduced new today is old tomorrow. Branding allows you to reach customers in a clear and concise message when done properly. The consumer understands the purpose of the brand and the company benefits from rapid acceptance and market share. Brands should not be confused with creating and pushing slogans. This may result in communicating nothing to the market. Also, consumers may be confused and mistrust the company and its products. In essence, branding is crucial to success in the marketplace.

Brand positioning starts with establishing a frame of reference. This signals to the consumer the goals they can expect to achieve by using a particular brand. This framework is important because it dictates the types of associations that will function as points of parity and points of difference. The Euro American Company, LLC has …..

Background Information:

The Euro-American Company, LLC is a holding company of Paula’s Pierogies. This company manufactures and distributes freshly made “pasta-type pockets” that are known in many ethnic communities as “pierogi.” The large ravioli is similar pasta product, however the pierogies contain different filling combinations including cheese, and vegetables.

The family recipe originated in Poland, Paula immigrated to the Buffalo area and worked as a cook in a local restaurant and sold the pierogies to small retailers. As demand increased, the company began producing all natural high quality pierogies. It has grown in the breadth of providing the product to major supermarket chains as well as national sales through the internet. Currently, there are three types of products that are offered; (1) Cheese filled (farmers cheese), ( 2) Cheese and potato (farmers cheese and fresh potatoes), and (3) Kraut with Mushrooms (sauerkraut with fresh mushrooms). Other products have been developed and market tested, and are inline to be released in the near future.

Frame of Reference

The pierogi product has national awareness through different national producers, dominated by Mrs. T’s Pierogies. Mrs. T’s Pierogies (named after Maria Twardzik) has accomplished national distribution and brand name recognition. Mrs. T’s as a frame of reference provides polish homemade pierogies. The pierogies consists of potatoes, cheese or sauerkraut, wrapped in a tender pasta shell.

Points of Parity:

The points of parity are that this product is in line with other similar products on the market. The consumer knows Mrs. T’s Pierogies and what it provides. Both products offer similar fillings wrapped in light pasta shells. The products are the same shape, color and texture when Assessing Brand Effectiveness Page 3 11/27/02 presented in their uncooked package. Both products are named after a person who originated from Poland and developed the recipe in their kitchen.

Points of Difference:

  • Ingredients
  • Refrigeration
  • Freshness
  • Packaging
  • Preparation Time
  • Manufacturing Process

The added benefit is that the product that the product offers a benefit in that it contains no preservatives. This factor in itself is directed at a segment of customers that for medical reasons cannot have preservatives in their diet.

However, the interest and consumption of pierogies is expanding rapidly in all markets. Many smaller companies have started selling their product different markets including retail outlets, foodservice companies, restaurants, etc

The Euro-American Company has been in business for several years. It has recognized that there was national awareness of the product as well as national expansion and consumption of pierogies through different national producers, Mrs. T’s, Golden, etc. However, there was a gap in the “quality” of the type of pierogies that were sold. The parity with out pierogy producers was that it was the same product that people recognized and purchased. However, the difference was that it set itself apart from other producers in that higher quality ingredience were used and the most important difference was that no preservatives were used in the product at all. This difference has proven to be an important part of the product and company’s competitive strategy and marketing strategy. The “awareness” of a product is measured as the percentage of people who spontaneously mention a particular brand when asked to name brands in a certain category. This is important in branding and marketing of a particular product.

Currently the company is a wholesaler to supermarket chains (Tops (Ahold, USA; Wegmans, Jubilee, etc), meat markets, small ethnic grocery stores, and the internet. There are also brokers in the New York City, Ohio and Florida that are interested in the product and its potential.


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