Halden Zimmermann: Assessing Brand Effectiveness Pt. 2

Strategy and Segmentation:

It is generally recognized that segmentation and targeting are based on demographic, geographic, psychographic characteristics of the market as well as on product benefits. However, these factors are not the primary bases for segmentation and targeting. The category and brand use are important factors. Demographic, geographic and psychographic factors are of value but they only correlate with product usage. Segmentation is more an aspect of positioning strategy than it is a focus in targeting.halden zimmermann

The company has used several factors to assess the potential sale of the product in different markets.

1. Age

Age is perhaps the most frequently used variable in segmentation. Targets are usually described in terms of age categories that are used in the census survey. These include 20-24, 25-29, 30-34 etc… While age is used because it is an indicator of product and brand usage, current knowledge about specific age categories is also of value in deciding whether or not segmentation is warranted.

2. Social Class

The availability of demographic information, and particularly the educational attainment of the target, can be used to infer social class. This factor may be important to consider in segmenting because there is evidence that social classes differ in the types of offerings and persuasive messages they are likely to find appealing.

3. Gender

There is substantial evidence that men and women differ in how they respond to persuasive messages. Women tend to be slower to make decisions, they exhibit greater uncertainty about their decisions, and they are more persuadable. These findings are thought to reflect differences in how men and women process information and make decisions. These differences probably emerge because of socialization that is particular to each gender. Partly these differences are stem from a biological origin. Different psycho-social studies have shown that women are encouraged to be communal, which involves a consideration of self and others in decision making. This difference is very important when it comes to providing and cooking food for other members of the household. If a women makes the decision of buying and cooking within a household, therefore, she becomes an important target for the sale of this product.

4. Geography

In the United States, consumer products firms with national distribution typically cover the country with national media such as national magazines and network television. They then use local media including segmented versions of magazines, newspapers and spot (local) television.

Therefore, the frame the company has used is that the product is natural, wholesome and contains the highest quality ingredience and has no added preservatives. The fact that the product contains “no preservatives” has been an important frame of reference which has signaled the consumer that it is a product that they would like to purchase and consume. This message can be viewed at the MadeInBuffalo wedsite (WWW.MadeInBuffalo.com, “click” on Buffalo’s Best Foods).


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