Halden Zimmermann: Assessing Brand Effectiveness Pt. 3


Brand positioning is a critical element in developing effective advertising strategies. The strategy that the company uses is one that is competition based. Here, the task is to identify the category in which a brand holds membership, and to find ways to distinguish the brand from its competitors on dimensions that are important to consumers. Currently there are no competitors that offer the product without the addition of preservatives in the Western New York market or even in other markets regional or national that we are aware of.

There are several local, regional, and national competitors that offer this type of product, however, some of these have proven to provide to a different segment of consumers. Also, at least 50 % of these competitors market share has been removed within a short period of time. The strength for the company has been the development of a recognized brand that is natural, wholesome and most importantly without preservatives. In addition, our product line offers the same or similar varieties available to the consumer but of a higher quality at a much more competitive price.

Target Market and Strategy:

A promotional campaign was aimed at the leading supermarket chains. This has proven to be a good strategy in that it gave access to established base of customers that consume a similar product. Also, since the product is wholesome and natural it appeals to the Kosher line of ethnic products, particularly in southern Florida. This market segment is being explored currently. Furthermore, we have emphasized the competitive price that is offered for a gourmet type product.halden zimmermann

One very important feature that we offer to our customers is the 100% replacement guarantee that the product is the best quality within a given period of time after delivery (10 days) or it is replaced. This also, has been an important part of our marketing campaign and has ensured that the product is made with the highest quality and packaged with greatest care to ensure that it remains fresh past the 10 day period. One problem with all natural products is that they will go through a natural process of “decay” within a certain period of time when preservatives are not used. This is unavoidable and expected.

Points of Parity:

A strong brand reflects a product’s personality. The need for brand identity arises because of parity. Sophisticated customers know there are many qualified providers of the product they desire to purchase. Blind market research repeatedly confirms this fact and it is increasingly difficult to differentiate between suppliers. There were several studies done on the buying habits of consumers that shows that the process involves important factors. These are: (1) Qualification (Does the product match the company’s needs?), (2) Connection (Does the company like its service providers?), and (3) Goals (What do providers give them that if different and meets their objectives).

It is recognized readily that many suppliers are interchangeable. In most instances suppliers can be replace within a short period of time. This may not be true for larger supermarket chains, however, The only reasons suppliers are not changed is because the goals of both companies are in line and the relationship matches. There may be common values bind the relationship. Customers also want to work with people who have the same outlook as their own. Therefore, branding is in essence the aligning of companies and customers, and building the image behind the product. It also creates a personality that is attractive to customers and the employees of the company. This then becomes a strategic asset. The brand’s claim becomes real only when it is honest, accurate and believed within the company.


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