Halden Zimmermann: Assessing Brand Effectiveness Pt. 5 (Summary)


Competition-based positioning can be represented by following a positioning triangle. Membership in the category is developed by highlighting the benefits that a brand shares with other members of the category or by relating the brand to a category for example. Providing a strong rationale for believing a benefit gives consumers a reason to believe the claim that is given. This rationale typically takes the form of some physical characteristic in this case the lack of an ingredient that may be detrimental to your health. Once this brand has achieved accepted membership in the category its advantage over other category members is presented in terms of benefits that represent points of difference. This point of difference may be very important to all consumers or beneficial to certain segments of consumers. Again a rationale might be provided to enhance the likelihood that consumers will believe the brand’s point of difference is important.halden zimmermann

Understanding the wants and needs of customers is fundamental to the success of any product that is offered. Success of marketing initiatives also are important in achieving desired customer responses. Adjustment must be made if the desired responses are different from what is offered.

Therefore, customer oriented approach necessitates knowledge of customers and the design of appropriate strategies that will help sustain a competitive edge in the marketplace. Positioning is believed to represent the single largest influence on a consumer’s decision to buy a certain product over other available products. Consumers are able to easily compare these products and choose the best one for their needs.

In this respect we are trying to be better than the competition but rather different and offer a choice to the consumer. We have taken the viewpoint of consumers and asked what would the consumer want? In this respect we thinking about the consumers health and needs.


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