Halden Zimmermann: Assessing Brand Effectiveness – Brand Positioning and Images

halden zimmermann

Brand Positioning:

Establishing category membership is the first priority. This can be achieved by presenting a benefit and the attendant attributes or image to support the benefit. Alternatively, attributes or benefits alone might be used to introduce a brand’s position. In some cases, an example might be used to establish membership. If consumers know a brand’s category membership, focus centers on establishing a point of difference. A starting point along these lines involves finding a product point of difference. Leaders should consider the benefit that drives the category, and outshout competition on this benefit. Followers should consider adopting a niche, where they have a barrier to competitive entry. Over time, consideration should be given to laddering whatever the firm’s market rank. If no product differences that are important to consumers are available, the viability of using a superior understanding of the consumer might be considered to establish a point of difference. Here category and brand essence may be of value in establishing a position that resonates with consumers because they perceive that the firm understands what they experience with regard to the category and can satisfy their goals. In the absence of a product or consumer point of difference, it is worthwhile to examine some other opportunity.

halden zimmermann


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