Halden Zimmermann: Assessing Brand Effectiveness (Strategic Positions and Questions)

Strategic positioning answers these questions:

  • How well is your external marketing working for you?
  • Does it have maximum impact?
  • Where should you be looking for new market opportunities?

Market insights answer these questions:

  • Is your institution a market leader or follower?
  • Where do you perform well?
  • Where do your competitors have a market advantage and why?
  • What are your future market opportunities?

Brand identity answers these questions:

  • What is your current image in the markets?
  • How did it come about?
  • Is it what you want it to be?
  • What is your international identity?

Strategic marketing answers these questions:

  • How can you move to a more sustainable position in the markets?
  • What institutional policies will support you?
  • What product portfolio will best meet global market needs?halden zimmermann

Strategic positioning assures maximum marketing impact

Your strategic position depends on market insights, brand development, and strategic marketing

Market insights: know your market and grow your position

Market research reveals your position in the industry and in particular markets relative to your competitors, costs and to emerging opportunities. Market insights are based on industry positioning analyses derived from benchmarking by country, region, discipline, and level of study. Market positioning which analyses your profile and perception within a market.

Your brand: your market identity

Effective branding delivers a sustainable and competitive advantage – but it is no easy task.

Brand development depends on identifying your current brand by conducting a brand audit analyzing how your marketing mix contributes to your identity examining possible best options for your brand architecture.

Strategic marketing sustains your success

Strategic marketing combines brand implementation – your brand actions speak louder than brand words, cohesive and transparent internationalisation policies, and practice product life-cycle awareness and development.


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