Halden Zimmermann – Communication as the Key To Effective Marketing

Today, the business market is more competitive than it has ever been. While many companies are capable of offering high quality services and products, some become exponentially more profitable than others. This disparity is can be attributed to one major factor: how effective a company’s marketing strategy is. Reaching and expanding your customer base is entirely dependent on how well you market your brand. Without market visibility, it doesn’t matter if you make the most revolutionary product available – no one will know about it. To be completely effective, marketing must clearly articulate what your business does well, and how it distinguishes itself from competitors. Only by engaging your target customers is it possible to achieve business success.

Entrepreneur and successful business executive Halden Zimmermann has been working in the marketing industry for years. As the global marketing director for the Plastics Division of Rio Tinto, Mr. Zimmermann cultivated many of the skills needed to succeed in this field. He also served as the director of marketing for the Medical Products Division of Cardinal Health.

To develop an effective marketing strategy, it is essential to inspire interest, engage curiosity, and highlight a business’ reputation and positive image. This can involve a variety of tasks, including market research, direct marketing, online exposure, and business to business or business to consumer communication.  In fact, Mr. Zimmermann says that one of the primary determining factors in marketing effectiveness is communication. Communication is the foundation of marketing, reiterating the idea that if you can’t reach your customers, then they won’t be able to reach you with their purchasing power.

Marketing focuses on relationships between companies and their consumers, accomplishing its goals through the “money for product” exchange process. In order to ensure that a company’s products and services will sell, it is crucial for that company to learn about and understand what their customers and clients need in their lives, and what your company can do to provide products and services that will meet these needs.

To be an effective communicator, especially in the marketing industry, Mr. Zimmermann believes in two key components: confidence and communication. If two companies are equally matched, then the defining factor that enables one to surpass the other is the level of confidence they exude. A business must have confidence that the product or service they are marketing is the best. Finally, they must be able to communicate this confidence to their customers. By doing this, businesses show their customers that they care about them, that they can help them, and that they can be trusted. These are the keys to marketing and business success.


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