Halden Zimmermann – Kaizen And The Modern Business

Kaizen is a business philosophy developed and applied by Japanese businesses sometime in the eighties. Literally translated it means ‘change for the better’ or improvement. It has become synonymous with companies who have been market leaders in developing the most innovative and exciting products in their markets, those not afraid to embrace change and continually look to the future. It is no wonder then that the Japanese are so famed for having led the technological industries for the past three decades, where few countries have come close to reaching the technological heights they have. Luckily, many Western global leaders have also adopted this approach to business, in an attempt to steer their companies into the future.

Halden Zimmerman, whose professional background shows a huge devotion towards implementing this ideology, is one such man who is doing so. He has built a reputation as being a man who has innovated some of the most forward-thinking pricing and patent strategies in business today, and his desire for continuous improvement has led him to become an inspirational figure for many in the business world.

In his most recent role, as president of the exciting motions control systems company Ametek Inc., he has managed to build and developed new dynamic leadership team aimed to own, motivate, execute at expert levels: operations, sales, R&D, marketing, M&A, HR, finance functions. His success in doing so has helped see a surge in company efficiency and sales revenue, has proven how goal-orientated the leader can be. Under his role as President of Ametek he also formulated vision and strategy aimed at building businesses through a market driven approach, aligned sales team, innovation road maps and product development- increasing new launches by over 200% while growing core customer base 10%.

His reputation is growing everyday, as Halden Zimmermann continues to show the positive effects his philosophy of business can have on developing a company. He relishes the opportunity to steer businesses to exciting new frontiers, and inspire people to, like him, embrace the possibilities positive change has to offer in the world of business and commerce. To find out more about his work, his ideas and his plans for the future, visit his page at About Halden Zimmermann.


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