Halden Zimmerman – Sharing the Strategies of of a Successful Career

Halden Zimmermann has proven over the long course of his distinguished that career that he is man versatile enough to be able to turn his hand to a number of business aspects. A fast learner, Halden Zimmermann always showed a curiosity for learning about how things worked, and what best way to make them function efficiently. It was this particular curiosity which led to him study engineering at Clarkson University, where he excelled by graduating with not one but two bachelors degrees in engineering. Learning how things work was applied practically in an engineering degree, but in  a more abstract sense it has allowed Halden Zimmermann to perfect various art forms within the world of business.

Halden Zimmermann bio. Halden Zimmermann has managed to work his way up from being a promising engineer at an electronic components company to a renowned business leader, and currently is the acting president of Leica Systems. Despite studying a relatively practical subject at university, Halden Zimmermann was able to demonstrate his exceptional leadership skills from a young age. During his studies he led a team of ambitious and promising students to develop racing cars which ran on green energy. The project won plaudits across the academic world, and kick-started Halden Zimmermann’s life as a leader of the future.

In his first role as an engineer in the aforementioned company, Halden Zimmermann’s leadership was recognized by the company, who supported and funded an MBA course for the promising young entrepreneur. In his many forays into the world of business, Halden Zimmermann has shown that he can take on a number of business tasks, and effectively steer the direction of a company with his visionary business strategy skills. He is a firm believer in the Japanese business philosophy of Kaizen, which emphasizes the importance of continuous improvement within a business. BY implementing this philosophy in the places he has worked, Halden Zimmermann has truly revolutionized the industries he has come into contact with.

What Halden Zimmermann will tell any young aspiring business leader who want to follow in his well-trodden footsteps, is that having a natural curiosity to learn new things, and apply them to your work is key to being an innovative, creative and effective manager. By using what you’ve learned to change strategies, even in the face of aversion, can be key to making your mark on a business and indeed the industry. Halden Zimmermann on Crunchbase.


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