Halden Zimmermann- No Time to Waste

Having an engineering background, Halden Zimmermann has a knack for efficiency and effectiveness. It is the measures by which good machinery operates, and more metaphorically can apply to a number of abstract aspects in life. In the modern age, the adage goes that ‘time is money’- and in a world of endless opportunity, for entrepreneurs like Halden Zimmermann this is certainly true. He says he keeps a notebook  on him at all times to record his ideas, and is constantly looking to manifest them into big projects. With so much on the go, it is no wonder Halden Zimmermann values time so so much. He has worked in numerous industries helping formulate business strategy, product marketing and branding techniques, and proved to be prolific and effective in his leadership roles. His experience has given him a wealth of ideas on business solutions and what makes an effective leader- ideas which he shares on his popular blog.

Halden Zimmermann Offers Expert Insight on Leadership and business strategies on his blog page. In a recent interview, Halden Zimmermann was asked if he had to start something again what would it be. The surprising answer was his blogging career. What initially started out as a hobby for sharing ideas with his community quickly developed a large readership, and in doing so Halden Zimmermann was able to set up the blog so that it generated a nice regular income for him. Given the chance, he says he would have exploited this knowledge earlier had he known, and began his path to financial success in blogging much earlier, not wasting so much time.

Indeed it is this very notion that has inspired his Amazon bestselling book ‘Halden Zimmermann’s Guide to High Impact Blogging’. In it he lays down a strategy which helps aspiring bloggers and veterans to build the foundations for a blog which can generate income. It seems he has struck gold in finding the right formula to utilize the power of the internet, share ideas and insights digitally, whilst building a large following and making money in the process. It is no surprise the book has proven to be  wildly popular among the entrepreneurship community. Halden Zimmermann continues to share his innovative thoughts on his website and blog, and you can Follow Halden A Zimmermann On Twitter for daily updates on the exciting entrepreneurs latest projects, influences and ideas.


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