Halden Zimmermann- Leading Businesses to Growth in Key Sectors

Being able to expand a businesses operations to a global level is no easy feat. For corporate business leaders, this requires a host of different skills and abilities. In the increasingly competitive business market, some companies a re destined to fail. This is what makes employing the right president or leader of the business so vital. Not only must they be concise and accurate decision makers, but they must have the ability to take the business above and beyond its competitors. For Halden Zimmermann, President of Motions Control Systems, innovation in pricing, branding and strategy are the key aspects to helping a company differentiate itself and stay ahead of the pack.

You can follow Halden Zimmermann on Facebook to find out more about his innovative leadership ideas. As the President for Motions Control Solutions, he has owned one of Ametek’s largest businesses specializing in OEM solutions. This global vertical business has manufacturing sites across the globe, in China, Europe and the USA, providing a wide range of customized product solutions for medical, industrial, research and transportation markets. Having the engineering background he has has helped Halden Zimmerman utilize his full abilities to understand and implement strategy for the business.

Here he led a team of over 650 employees in nine global manufacturing and commercial facilities in every major global economy. His strategy aimed to double the business in 5 years through acquisitions and organically, making step level improvements to the business, driving operational efficiency and rapidly retooling the commercial approach. Currently the business is operating at record growth and operating profit and poised to accelerate growth. Halden also has been involved in the local townships where his plants operate. Many are located in industrial cities where manufacturing and technology companies left due to outsourcing and market conditions. Highly skilled labor is scarce in those areas and he works with community leaders to reverse the trend by partnering with technical high schools, academic events and internship programs so alternative career paths for the community can become available where the operating facilities reside.

This commitment to the community has also been key to Halden Zimmermann’s success, and made him a popular figure not just in the business itself but also the stakeholder community who are to Motions Control Systems just as important as the customer. Find out more about him here at Hal Zimmermann, LinkedIn and Travel.


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