Halden Zimmermann and Assertiveness in the Workplace

It is difficult to have the confidence to stay resilient in the face of adversity. As in personal lives, when you are working with others in business it is natural that situations arise wherein it is vital to remain assertive. Those who are not do themselves a disservice but also sacrifice their own work and the potentials to have an impact on a team or project. Confidence is vital, but behind this it is essential that workers have the communication skills to impart their ideas, and essentially the knowledge to back up their opinions in adverse circumstances. This is a skill useful in any role at any level of employment.

 Halden Zimmermann’s 3 Ways to Overcome Adversity in Business, published on Huffington Post, imparts great advice useful to any professional across industries. He cites having a set of strategic principles as essential for any employee to have at their disposal. With this any adversity can be conquered with the assertiveness that your ideas have value and insight. A comprehensive approach is also key to preparing for any issues that come along the way, and will instill confidence in anyone doubtful of your ideas.

Zimmermann’s expertise lies in marketing, and he has had a successful career in professional blogging alongside his global corporate leadership roles within high tech organisations world wide. It is his belief that business focuses on relationships, and thus the first hurdle in any project is building a rapport with your team and clients/customers. Communication is thus vital in the success of business, and in any individual success in the workplace. It is important to be skilled in the art of articulating properly your ideas, and supplying the knowledge and research that has lead you to these methods. Assertiveness does not have to be aggressive, but it does have to be informed.

 For Halden Zimmermann, bringing ideas to life in business means getting your point across in order to efficiently reach goals. This means planning ahead, and it means composure throughout all aspects of your work. As a longstanding effective leader of teams across capacities in ambitious, results driven environments, Zimmermann has skillfully crafted the art of instilling confidence in his teams by assertively guiding them through his innovative strategies. His teams are successful because by leading by example he has allowed them to be assertive also.


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