Hal Zimmermann, LinkedIn and Travel

Currently Vice-President and General Manager of Leica Microsystems, Halden Zimmermann enjoys a reputation for being one of the most incisive and determined figures in the world of business and industry. The youngest ever MBA scholar to be accepted on the renowned Simon School of Business at the University of Rochester, Halden would appear to be the archetypal entrepreneur – shrewd, focused and driven. And yet, like the majority of us, he enjoys his leisure time and admits to a fondness for travel. Indeed, he is quick to point out that most of his most enjoyable travel experiences have been the result of completely spontaneous decisions, but adds the caveat that some of his most disastrous holidays have been caused by an almost total lack of planning. With this in mind – and with the summer upon us – Halden offers some extremely useful advice on organizing the perfect vacation break.

Halden believes that although spontaneity is an important component of an enjoyable travel experience, the only way to guarantee a wholly positive experience is to think about creating an advance travel plan that retains enough flexibility to bear any unforeseen circumstances. The benefits of thoughtful travel planning are many. He recommends focusing on creating an outline rather than developing an overly detailed approach. The latter approach is a mistake that many travellers make, and one which throws the rest of the schedule off course in the event of a unforeseen situation occurring.

Conversely, too little organization often results in hours wasted trying to decide where precisely to visit. He also believes that creating a basic framework for a relatively long trip – for example, including stops in Japan, Korea, and China – enables the traveller to avoid committing to a specific amount of time in any given destination. So, while flexibility is obviously a requisite for most people on vacation, too loose an itinerary often leaves the traveler with a wealth of decisions to make – particularly when inundated with advice from fellow, well-meaning travellers.

Halden Zimmermann is the Vice President and General Manager for Leica Microsystems. Leica is an operating company of Danaher, focused on industrial technologies, medical  and surgical capital and life-science research-imaging solutions. Halden was initially brought in to reshape Leica’s approach to marketing and spur organic growth in an acquisitive intense environment. Some of the best practices implemented have been used across the Danaher platforms and are in use today. Halden Zimmermann was then given additional responsibility for one of Leica’s largest advanced capital business. Creating a focused strategy resulted in 10pts of share gain and operating profit improvement of 50 percent. To find out more, please visit Halden Zimmermann on LinkedIn .


Having a High Impact in the Business World

Anyone who has achieved success in the business world will highlight how invaluable experience can be when it comes to making an impact for yourself in the industry.  The author is a man who has excelled in leadership across a wide range of diverse and exciting industries- would certainly clarify this statement. There is no industry he has touched which in some ways has not been transformed by his innovative pricing and marketing strategies. Having graduated from University with two Bachelor of Science degrees in engineering, one would assume that he would be more suited to a practical-based factory job. However, it is precisely these skills which have allowed him to soar so high in the business skies, and made him a big name on the business leadership circuit.

His professional background is highly impressive and arguably unrivaled by most. Following graduation he, worked in a reputable electronic components business, supplying parts to BMW, GM and Toyota to name but a few. Excelling as the plant operation manager, he was head-hunted and whisked away to Paris to lead one of Europe’s largest packaging services, where he revolutionized the companies pricing strategies. Roles that followed included various CEO, managerial and team leading positions in companies ranging from life sciences and technology too modern pharmaceuticals. His professional background is almost as big as his personality.

Interestingly though it is online that Zimmermann’s presence has been most felt. Whilst his pricing strategies and innovative business logistics solutions are still widely used today, it is expressing his innovations and ideas via his blog where he has been able to disseminate some of his wisdom. His blogs cover a wide variety of topics, and look to explore more than just his marketing and business experience. The articles feature insightful discussions about the nature of politics and their influence on businesses today, how to make a high impact in the business world and perform to the best of your capabilities, and also insights into some of the most exciting technology developments being made in a variety of industries.

Naturally following his success online, he recently released his Amazon bestselling book -‘A Guide to High Impact Blogs for Life Changing Income’. It is through this he hopes, that he can reach an ever wider audience and inspire the next generation of diverse and versatile business leaders. Find out more about the author here.