Halden Zimmermann – Kaizen And The Modern Business

Kaizen is a business philosophy developed and applied by Japanese businesses sometime in the eighties. Literally translated it means ‘change for the better’ or improvement. It has become synonymous with companies who have been market leaders in developing the most innovative and exciting products in their markets, those not afraid to embrace change and continually look to the future. It is no wonder then that the Japanese are so famed for having led the technological industries for the past three decades, where few countries have come close to reaching the technological heights they have. Luckily, many Western global leaders have also adopted this approach to business, in an attempt to steer their companies into the future.

Halden Zimmerman, whose professional background shows a huge devotion towards implementing this ideology, is one such man who is doing so. He has built a reputation as being a man who has innovated some of the most forward-thinking pricing and patent strategies in business today, and his desire for continuous improvement has led him to become an inspirational figure for many in the business world.

In his most recent role, as president of the exciting motions control systems company Ametek Inc., he has managed to build and developed new dynamic leadership team aimed to own, motivate, execute at expert levels: operations, sales, R&D, marketing, M&A, HR, finance functions. His success in doing so has helped see a surge in company efficiency and sales revenue, has proven how goal-orientated the leader can be. Under his role as President of Ametek he also formulated vision and strategy aimed at building businesses through a market driven approach, aligned sales team, innovation road maps and product development- increasing new launches by over 200% while growing core customer base 10%.

His reputation is growing everyday, as Halden Zimmermann continues to show the positive effects his philosophy of business can have on developing a company. He relishes the opportunity to steer businesses to exciting new frontiers, and inspire people to, like him, embrace the possibilities positive change has to offer in the world of business and commerce. To find out more about his work, his ideas and his plans for the future, visit his page at About Halden Zimmermann.


Halden Zimmermann – Communication as the Key To Effective Marketing

Today, the business market is more competitive than it has ever been. While many companies are capable of offering high quality services and products, some become exponentially more profitable than others. This disparity is can be attributed to one major factor: how effective a company’s marketing strategy is. Reaching and expanding your customer base is entirely dependent on how well you market your brand. Without market visibility, it doesn’t matter if you make the most revolutionary product available – no one will know about it. To be completely effective, marketing must clearly articulate what your business does well, and how it distinguishes itself from competitors. Only by engaging your target customers is it possible to achieve business success.

Entrepreneur and successful business executive Halden Zimmermann has been working in the marketing industry for years. As the global marketing director for the Plastics Division of Rio Tinto, Mr. Zimmermann cultivated many of the skills needed to succeed in this field. He also served as the director of marketing for the Medical Products Division of Cardinal Health.

To develop an effective marketing strategy, it is essential to inspire interest, engage curiosity, and highlight a business’ reputation and positive image. This can involve a variety of tasks, including market research, direct marketing, online exposure, and business to business or business to consumer communication.  In fact, Mr. Zimmermann says that one of the primary determining factors in marketing effectiveness is communication. Communication is the foundation of marketing, reiterating the idea that if you can’t reach your customers, then they won’t be able to reach you with their purchasing power.

Marketing focuses on relationships between companies and their consumers, accomplishing its goals through the “money for product” exchange process. In order to ensure that a company’s products and services will sell, it is crucial for that company to learn about and understand what their customers and clients need in their lives, and what your company can do to provide products and services that will meet these needs.

To be an effective communicator, especially in the marketing industry, Mr. Zimmermann believes in two key components: confidence and communication. If two companies are equally matched, then the defining factor that enables one to surpass the other is the level of confidence they exude. A business must have confidence that the product or service they are marketing is the best. Finally, they must be able to communicate this confidence to their customers. By doing this, businesses show their customers that they care about them, that they can help them, and that they can be trusted. These are the keys to marketing and business success.

Having a High Impact in the Business World

Anyone who has achieved success in the business world will highlight how invaluable experience can be when it comes to making an impact for yourself in the industry.  The author is a man who has excelled in leadership across a wide range of diverse and exciting industries- would certainly clarify this statement. There is no industry he has touched which in some ways has not been transformed by his innovative pricing and marketing strategies. Having graduated from University with two Bachelor of Science degrees in engineering, one would assume that he would be more suited to a practical-based factory job. However, it is precisely these skills which have allowed him to soar so high in the business skies, and made him a big name on the business leadership circuit.

His professional background is highly impressive and arguably unrivaled by most. Following graduation he, worked in a reputable electronic components business, supplying parts to BMW, GM and Toyota to name but a few. Excelling as the plant operation manager, he was head-hunted and whisked away to Paris to lead one of Europe’s largest packaging services, where he revolutionized the companies pricing strategies. Roles that followed included various CEO, managerial and team leading positions in companies ranging from life sciences and technology too modern pharmaceuticals. His professional background is almost as big as his personality.

Interestingly though it is online that Zimmermann’s presence has been most felt. Whilst his pricing strategies and innovative business logistics solutions are still widely used today, it is expressing his innovations and ideas via his blog where he has been able to disseminate some of his wisdom. His blogs cover a wide variety of topics, and look to explore more than just his marketing and business experience. The articles feature insightful discussions about the nature of politics and their influence on businesses today, how to make a high impact in the business world and perform to the best of your capabilities, and also insights into some of the most exciting technology developments being made in a variety of industries.

Naturally following his success online, he recently released his Amazon bestselling book -‘A Guide to High Impact Blogs for Life Changing Income’. It is through this he hopes, that he can reach an ever wider audience and inspire the next generation of diverse and versatile business leaders. Find out more about the author here.