Halden Zimmermann and Assertiveness in the Workplace

It is difficult to have the confidence to stay resilient in the face of adversity. As in personal lives, when you are working with others in business it is natural that situations arise wherein it is vital to remain assertive. Those who are not do themselves a disservice but also sacrifice their own work and the potentials to have an impact on a team or project. Confidence is vital, but behind this it is essential that workers have the communication skills to impart their ideas, and essentially the knowledge to back up their opinions in adverse circumstances. This is a skill useful in any role at any level of employment.

 Halden Zimmermann’s 3 Ways to Overcome Adversity in Business, published on Huffington Post, imparts great advice useful to any professional across industries. He cites having a set of strategic principles as essential for any employee to have at their disposal. With this any adversity can be conquered with the assertiveness that your ideas have value and insight. A comprehensive approach is also key to preparing for any issues that come along the way, and will instill confidence in anyone doubtful of your ideas.

Zimmermann’s expertise lies in marketing, and he has had a successful career in professional blogging alongside his global corporate leadership roles within high tech organisations world wide. It is his belief that business focuses on relationships, and thus the first hurdle in any project is building a rapport with your team and clients/customers. Communication is thus vital in the success of business, and in any individual success in the workplace. It is important to be skilled in the art of articulating properly your ideas, and supplying the knowledge and research that has lead you to these methods. Assertiveness does not have to be aggressive, but it does have to be informed.

 For Halden Zimmermann, bringing ideas to life in business means getting your point across in order to efficiently reach goals. This means planning ahead, and it means composure throughout all aspects of your work. As a longstanding effective leader of teams across capacities in ambitious, results driven environments, Zimmermann has skillfully crafted the art of instilling confidence in his teams by assertively guiding them through his innovative strategies. His teams are successful because by leading by example he has allowed them to be assertive also.


Halden Zimmermann- Leading Businesses to Growth in Key Sectors

Being able to expand a businesses operations to a global level is no easy feat. For corporate business leaders, this requires a host of different skills and abilities. In the increasingly competitive business market, some companies a re destined to fail. This is what makes employing the right president or leader of the business so vital. Not only must they be concise and accurate decision makers, but they must have the ability to take the business above and beyond its competitors. For Halden Zimmermann, President of Motions Control Systems, innovation in pricing, branding and strategy are the key aspects to helping a company differentiate itself and stay ahead of the pack.

You can follow Halden Zimmermann on Facebook to find out more about his innovative leadership ideas. As the President for Motions Control Solutions, he has owned one of Ametek’s largest businesses specializing in OEM solutions. This global vertical business has manufacturing sites across the globe, in China, Europe and the USA, providing a wide range of customized product solutions for medical, industrial, research and transportation markets. Having the engineering background he has has helped Halden Zimmerman utilize his full abilities to understand and implement strategy for the business.

Here he led a team of over 650 employees in nine global manufacturing and commercial facilities in every major global economy. His strategy aimed to double the business in 5 years through acquisitions and organically, making step level improvements to the business, driving operational efficiency and rapidly retooling the commercial approach. Currently the business is operating at record growth and operating profit and poised to accelerate growth. Halden also has been involved in the local townships where his plants operate. Many are located in industrial cities where manufacturing and technology companies left due to outsourcing and market conditions. Highly skilled labor is scarce in those areas and he works with community leaders to reverse the trend by partnering with technical high schools, academic events and internship programs so alternative career paths for the community can become available where the operating facilities reside.

This commitment to the community has also been key to Halden Zimmermann’s success, and made him a popular figure not just in the business itself but also the stakeholder community who are to Motions Control Systems just as important as the customer. Find out more about him here at Hal Zimmermann, LinkedIn and Travel.

Halden Zimmermann- No Time to Waste

Having an engineering background, Halden Zimmermann has a knack for efficiency and effectiveness. It is the measures by which good machinery operates, and more metaphorically can apply to a number of abstract aspects in life. In the modern age, the adage goes that ‘time is money’- and in a world of endless opportunity, for entrepreneurs like Halden Zimmermann this is certainly true. He says he keeps a notebook  on him at all times to record his ideas, and is constantly looking to manifest them into big projects. With so much on the go, it is no wonder Halden Zimmermann values time so so much. He has worked in numerous industries helping formulate business strategy, product marketing and branding techniques, and proved to be prolific and effective in his leadership roles. His experience has given him a wealth of ideas on business solutions and what makes an effective leader- ideas which he shares on his popular blog.

Halden Zimmermann Offers Expert Insight on Leadership and business strategies on his blog page. In a recent interview, Halden Zimmermann was asked if he had to start something again what would it be. The surprising answer was his blogging career. What initially started out as a hobby for sharing ideas with his community quickly developed a large readership, and in doing so Halden Zimmermann was able to set up the blog so that it generated a nice regular income for him. Given the chance, he says he would have exploited this knowledge earlier had he known, and began his path to financial success in blogging much earlier, not wasting so much time.

Indeed it is this very notion that has inspired his Amazon bestselling book ‘Halden Zimmermann’s Guide to High Impact Blogging’. In it he lays down a strategy which helps aspiring bloggers and veterans to build the foundations for a blog which can generate income. It seems he has struck gold in finding the right formula to utilize the power of the internet, share ideas and insights digitally, whilst building a large following and making money in the process. It is no surprise the book has proven to be  wildly popular among the entrepreneurship community. Halden Zimmermann continues to share his innovative thoughts on his website and blog, and you can Follow Halden A Zimmermann On Twitter for daily updates on the exciting entrepreneurs latest projects, influences and ideas.

Hal Zimmermann, LinkedIn and Travel

Currently Vice-President and General Manager of Leica Microsystems, Halden Zimmermann enjoys a reputation for being one of the most incisive and determined figures in the world of business and industry. The youngest ever MBA scholar to be accepted on the renowned Simon School of Business at the University of Rochester, Halden would appear to be the archetypal entrepreneur – shrewd, focused and driven. And yet, like the majority of us, he enjoys his leisure time and admits to a fondness for travel. Indeed, he is quick to point out that most of his most enjoyable travel experiences have been the result of completely spontaneous decisions, but adds the caveat that some of his most disastrous holidays have been caused by an almost total lack of planning. With this in mind – and with the summer upon us – Halden offers some extremely useful advice on organizing the perfect vacation break.

Halden believes that although spontaneity is an important component of an enjoyable travel experience, the only way to guarantee a wholly positive experience is to think about creating an advance travel plan that retains enough flexibility to bear any unforeseen circumstances. The benefits of thoughtful travel planning are many. He recommends focusing on creating an outline rather than developing an overly detailed approach. The latter approach is a mistake that many travellers make, and one which throws the rest of the schedule off course in the event of a unforeseen situation occurring.

Conversely, too little organization often results in hours wasted trying to decide where precisely to visit. He also believes that creating a basic framework for a relatively long trip – for example, including stops in Japan, Korea, and China – enables the traveller to avoid committing to a specific amount of time in any given destination. So, while flexibility is obviously a requisite for most people on vacation, too loose an itinerary often leaves the traveler with a wealth of decisions to make – particularly when inundated with advice from fellow, well-meaning travellers.

Halden Zimmermann is the Vice President and General Manager for Leica Microsystems. Leica is an operating company of Danaher, focused on industrial technologies, medical  and surgical capital and life-science research-imaging solutions. Halden was initially brought in to reshape Leica’s approach to marketing and spur organic growth in an acquisitive intense environment. Some of the best practices implemented have been used across the Danaher platforms and are in use today. Halden Zimmermann was then given additional responsibility for one of Leica’s largest advanced capital business. Creating a focused strategy resulted in 10pts of share gain and operating profit improvement of 50 percent. To find out more, please visit Halden Zimmermann on LinkedIn .

Halden Zimmermann and His First House

Halden Zimmermann is generally regarded as being one of the perspicacious and incisive commentators and practitioners currently operating in the field of business and industry. Now Vice-President and General Manager of Leica Microsystems, Halden amply demonstrates the rewards of hard work, ambition and determination coupled with an unquenchable thirst to realize the potentials of any given company through innovation and improvement. He is also the youngest student to be accepted at the prestigious Simon Business School at the University of Rochester, where he studied for his MBA while employed at ITTAutomative before relocating to Paris, France where he led the transition  of Alcan by adopting a commercial organizational framework utilizing a Value-Based, Dynamic Function, which is now emplaced throughout Alcan’s presence in five continents. He is a first generation American from New York and grew up in Washingtonville, where the family moved into a townhouse when he was a child – primarily because growing up in a New York City condo was not considered suitable for a child.

Halden Zimmermann‘s first house was purchased when he was just 22 years of age. He believed at the time that it was the best investment he could possibly make and worked, “a crazy amount of hours,” to be able to afford the down payment. Looking back, he realizes that all the hard work was definitely worth it as he sold the property after 6 years for a great deal more than he had originally paid for it. The house itself was located to all the necessary amenities being close to the downtown area. Of especial importance was its proximity to the university where he was then studying for his Masters degree. He recalls that the house had vaulted ceilings and great finishes and was a marvellous place to entertain – particularly during the summer months. An additional advantage was the the lack of maintenance. “The HOA managed cleaning, snow removal and repairs (which) was excellent because you could have your weekends to yourself and not have to work on the house or mow the lawn.”

Halden believes that the most important advice he would give to any first time buyer is “location, location, location.” In fact, he stresses that although it is of course important to buy a house you love, the location is infinitely more important than the features or the look of the home. “The first thing to really understand is to have the best location and neighborhood. Do not underestimate the value of sweat equity. Many of the improvements can be made to increase the value of the home with very small investments. It may be better to buy the home as it is and then add improvements inside and out on your own.”

Halden Zimmermann’s, 3 Ways To Overcome Adversity In Business,‘ can be viewed on http://www.huffingtonpost.com.

Halden Zimmermann – Bringing Ideas to Life

Halden Zimmermann has build a reputation in his distinguished career as being a dynamic, professional and innovative individual. He has taken on a variety of roles in many different industries, and has been able to make his mark on them all. A graduate of engineering, Halden Zimmermann possess a great ability to be able to understand a variety of complicated business logistic operations, and has used this to be able to implement revolutionary and visionary strategies for the companies he has served. Using his experience, Hal Zimmermann has also cultivated a large online presence, and has run a successful and insightful blog over the past decade. During this time, he has posted articles which have helped inspire a new generation of business leaders, sharing his wisdom and skills with the wider world.

Halden Zimmermann. The internet has provided for many the perfect opportunity to help proliferate ideas in every industry. In the past, we were reliant on traditional media outlets and formal speaking events to get new information. Now, in the age of the internet we have access to a world of ideas throughout history. Halden Zimmermann recognizes the fantastic opportunities this gives people like himself, to share experience and become teachers for a new generation of ambitious entrepreneurs and business people. Following the success of his blog, Halden Zimmermann recently launched his new book ”Halden Zimmermann: Guide to High Impact Blogging” has proved wildly successful. In it, he hopes to show how using the internet business leaders can better share their ideas with the world and embrace the power of technology.

By doing this, Halden Zimmermann hopes that business leaders who read and understand these ideas will be better equipped to bring their ideas to life, and set them up on a prosperous career as a business leader. It can be one of the most difficult aspects of being a business leader, and by helping others and sharing his wisdom, Halden Zimmermann hopes that he can give something back to business and commerce which did so much for him when he was learning the trade. To find out more about Halden Zimmermann and the work he is currently engaged in, check out Video for Halden Zimmermann on YouTube.