Roles Necessary for Success, continued

Role of the Controller

‘ Assist in identifying and selecting projects
‘ Estimate Economic Value Added (EVA) benefits
‘ Validate EVA savings projections
‘ Use ProjX
‘ Approve at Define Level Gate Review and validate
‘ Import financial spreadsheet
‘ Determine sustainability
‘ Integrate improvements into business and communicate with project
‘ Report project performance as an integral part of the management process

Role of the Team Member

‘ Part Time
‘ Trained on specific tools
‘ Aid with project phases, data collection analysis and specific tasks
‘ Execute projects and implement solution
‘ This person can also be a Yellow Belt or White Belt (see Certification section for more detail)

Role of the Master Black Belt

– Determine Alcan curriculum content
‘ Conduct training of all belts
‘ Oversee quality of training
– BB coaching and mentoring
– Help identify project barriers
– Initiate Best Practice sharing/replication
‘ Lead complex, high-value, cross-sector or business group projects

Lean Six Sigma: Why Sponsors Are So Important In the CI Process

A Project Sponsor is a leader accountable for business results of the CI project. Generally, Sponsors are accountable for providing resources, conducting ongoing Gate Reviews/inspection of project progress and removing barriers to an LSS project. The Sponsor owns the project and is accountable for capturing and sustaining improvement results.

The Project Sponsor also plays the key role in identifying business gaps and opportunities and in initiating potential projects for a designated Black Belt/Green Belt to lead. He or she is also involved in defining the project and is accountable for charter direction as well as rewarding the teams for success.

Halden Zimmermann Projec Sponsorship
Project Sponsor Involvement

The LSS Black Belts and Green Belts use a variety of DMAIC tools to deliver project results. However, the Sponsor also needs a tool set to make sure the team is not jumping to solutions. He or she verifies the project is getting team acceptance with a data-driven solution base. To help the Sponsor with this task, we have Project Action Plans and DMAIC Phase Reviews. These are designed to ask specific questions to make sure project goals are achieved.

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